Everything you Need to Know Before You Go on a Desert Safari in Dubai

Everything you Need to Know Before You Go on a Desert Safari in Dubai

October 06, 2023

Although you’ve explored and experienced everything from the futuristic city of Dubai, Dubai Creek, indoor seas to skiing on artificial snows, your Dubai holiday is never complete unless you’ve enjoyed a desert safari tour in Dubai. Regardless of the glitz and glamour the Dubai city owns, the uninhabited Dubai desert is still a big part of the life in Dubai holding the roots of Emirati culture.

If you are someone who is counting fingers to enjoy your desert safari adventure in Dubai, this is the article for you.

What is a Desert Safari in Dubai?

“Desert tours take you to the middle of nowhere in the desert to offer you an authentic desert experience unfolding what’s life like in the desert. From desert adventure sports to cultural explorations, the tours show you the best of the Dubai desert within a few hours.“

Below are a few things you need to keep in mind when going on a desert safari in Dubai...

Plan for the Time You Have

How long you like to be in the desert or how many hours you can dedicate to your desert safari is very important to have a smooth touring experience. Without any argument, a desert is a harsh place, thus if you are travelling with elderly people or children you might not want to be there for too long which can be tiring for them. There are many tour options that you can choose from as every tour operator offers you a range of tours. So you can easily pick one that fits your other travel plans and your desert adventure expectations.

Pick a Good Tour Operator

Every good tour starts with a good tour operator. And there is no exception when it comes to planning your desert safari tour in Dubai. Be sure to book a tour from a reputable company who has experience in the industry. Look for their client testimonials and reviews on their website and social media pages and make sure there is no red flag. Watch how they communicate with you and how effective their responses and turn arounds are as you need an fast and effective service throughout your tour.

Know Your Desert Dreams

Before you go ahead and book a tour make sure you have clear expectations for your Dubai desert adventure. What are the must have experiences on your list? What are the must requirements? Decide those things before you look for tour options which will make it way easier for you to narrow down your options to select the best one for your requirements since there are so many tour options available in the market.

For an example, if all you care about is to have fun as much as you can with a thriller quad bike ride across the desert, the best tour for you is a Quad bike tour in Dubai. Maybe you like to avoid harsh sunlight and the heat as much as you can in the desert… Then a morning desert safari in Dubai is the ideal for you.

Consider Who You are Travelling With

A desert safari in Dubai comes with a range of activities and experiences. Thus make sure the activities included in your tour is suited for everyone travelling with you. For example, if you are travelling with senior citizens, people with concerned medical conditions such as heart strokes, you might want to opt out of Dune bashing drives. If you or the ones who are travelling with you have restrictions in mobility, activities such as camel rides and sand boarding might not be the best activities for them to enjoy. So it’s always wise to consider what others travelling with you can enjoy as well so everyone can have a good time during your desert safari in Dubai.

Learn About Your Tour Options

Many of us are concerned about prices just as about the experience. Thus it’s important that you know all about the tour options that are available to you. There are many deals, offers and tour combos available in the market for Dubai desert safari tours, so knowing your options might help you find a better deal for what you want to experience enabling you to get the best bang for the buck.

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