They say without a desert safari to Dubai desert, your visit to the city of Dubai is not complete. But is this true? With all the futuristic world Dubai has created for itself that you find you cannot finish exploring, is it really worth a visit to the uninhabited desert, that does not even have WIFI? Yes, it is. And in this article, We share Why...

Here are 7 Reasons to Go on a Desert Safari in Dubai.

Mind-Blowing Desert Landscape


Gigantic golden sand dunes that run till your eyes can see will fill the most of your views that you see during your desert safari. The sun’s rays reflect on dunes while casting shadows of the opposite sides of the desert floor creating mesmerizing landscapes will take your breath away. The monochromic colour palette and the stillness of nature will promise you a magnificent sight to gaze at for hours.

Bumpy Dune Bashing Adventures


Desert has its own set of adventure activities for thrill seekers and dune bashing is one of them. Taking you on a wild ride over sand dunes at a crazy speed dune bashing is one of the most popular activities for the strong hearted adventure lovers. The ride is extremely bumpy and will offer you an adventure of a lifetime. The drives are usually done with 4X4 vehicles by experienced drivers who know the terrain well. So you don’t have anything to worry about safety.

Company of Camels


No desert adventure is complete without enjoying the company of camels which is why a camel ride is one of the must-try experience activity during your Dubai desert safari. Most of the Dubai desert safari tour packages include a camel ride in their itinerary offering you an ample of opportunities to experience the elusive beauty of these majestic creatures at close quarters during your desert safari. Plus, the ride will offer you the best sand landscapes sceneries you see during your Dubai desert safari.

The Thrill of Quad Bike Rides


Riding a quad bike is always fun. But not like when you can drive it in the desert where you have no boundaries and nothing to crash into. A quad bike rides in Dubai desert are one of the most popular desert safari adventure activity in Dubai that adrenaline junkies can’t get enough of.

Ride across the desert floor as wild as you like to enjoy a blast driving over sand dunes. There will always be instructors on the site to help you learn the basics if you haven’t drive a quad bike before. If you only wish to have more time riding a quad bike you can always opt for a quad bike tour in Dubai.

Magical Desert Sunset


If you think the best sunset you’ve seen your life is breath-taking, wait till you see a sunset in the desert during your Dubai desert safari tour. Sit on the tallest sand dune sipping a hot cup of Arabic tea and enjoy the sinking sun over the horizon witnessing the sky saturated with shades of reds, oranges and purples with no trees, mountains or buildings to disturb your sight, you can have the 180 degree view for yourself.

BBQ Dinner Under the Stars in the Desert


When was the last time you enjoyed your dinner under the stars? When was the last time you had an Emirati styled BBQ dinner under the starlit sky in the desert? Well, no traveller and explorer can resist this amazing experience.

You also can enjoy this one of a kind dining experience during your holiday in Dubai. All you have to do is take an evening or overnight desert safari to Dubai desert and you will be able to tick off this activity from your travel bucket list.

Best of the Traditional Entertainment


UAE has a rich culture and Dubai desert is one of the places that unfolds the rich culture of the UAE and of the Bedouins at its finest. After your desert adventure sports, you will often get the chance to witness these amazing performances of local artists. Witness the mesmerizing moves of belly dancers enjoying the traditional music. Tanura dances will make your jaws drop when their turn come, with their amazing spinning skills.

Can’t wait to go on a desert safari adventure in Dubai? Plan your Dubai desert safari with us for the best price. Get in touch with us with your dessert dreams and we will arrange you the best desert safari tour experience in the Dubai desert for you.

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