A desert safari tour in Dubai is one of the must things to experience during your time in Dubai. To get the most out of your tour experience in the desert, here we’ve listed tips that everyone should be aware of before you going on a desert safari. Enjoy.

Pick the Right Itinerary


Everyone’s dream for their desert adventure in Dubai is different. So make sure you pick up the right Dubai desert adventure to fit your expectations and requirements. Here it’s important that you consider,

  • How much time you like to spend in the desert or how much time do you have for your desert adventure?
  • What do you like to experience?
  • What kind of desert experience do you seek? Relaxing desert escape or an adventurous tour?
  • Do you like a morning safari or an evening safari?

Wear the Right Clothes


Lightweight clothes that are made from natural fibres are the best to wear when you are going on your desert adventure. Anything from shorts, T-shirts, lightweight tops can be woren during your safari to the desert. Make sure to stay away from your expensive pieces as the sand might ruin them. Take a shawl or a jacket with you as the evenings can get very cold in the desert. When it comes to footwear, wear something that you can remove easily like flipflops or sandals. You might want to leave your shoes in the hotel room for good when going on your Dubai desert safari as sand will always get into shoes easily.

Make sure to take your hat and sunglasses with you to keep the sun away from your face and eyes. Plus the sunglasses will help you prevent from sand getting into your eyes.

Get the Right SPF Protection


If you are someone concerned about sunburns, sun damage or even exposing your skin to the sun, you need to carry your sun protection cream to the desert. Make sure everything exposed to the sun is well coated with sunscreen before you go on your desert adventure. It's recommended to use a product with SPF 30 in Dubai due to the harsh climate of the region.

Bring the Right Equipment


Bring your camera with you and make sure it’s fully charged. Also, you might want to take an extra memory card with you if you are a constant snapper as the last thing you want during your Dubai adventure is to get mad at yourself for not being able to get photos of your adventures because your memory is full.

Travel in the Right Season


The best time to visit Dubai desert is during the peak season, which is from November to March. During this season is winter months in Dubai thus the temperature rises only up to 55 Celsius during the daytime making the best climate to explore the desert. Evenings are the best time to go on a desert safari as in the evening temperature starts to go down as the night comes up. Plus you’ll get to see a magical sunset.

Follow the Instructions Right


It’s very important that you listen to your instructor while you are on your safari adventure to stay safe. Thus always listen to your guides, drivers and instructors who have many years of experience in the industry. Follow their instructions when you are engaging in desert adventures such as sand boarding, quad biking and camel riding.

Learn the Right Safety Measures


If you are booking your Dubai desert safari with a reputable tour operator in Dubai, you should be well assured of your safety during your tour to the desert.. Below are a few of the safety standards a responsible tour operator should maintain- Which you might want to check with your tour operator before you book your tour to make sure you are in the safe hands.

  • Safari Drivers should be Professionals with Experience and a Valid License.
  • Drivers should be Fully Trained in First Aid.
  • The Cars should be Equipped with a Roll Cage.
  • The Cars and the Passengers in the Car should be Insured Against any Kind of Mishap.
Some Other Important Tips to Keep in Mind
  • You might want to Leave your Mobile Phones at the Hotel, As there is No signal at the Desert.
  • Always Wear a Seat Belt to Avoid Injury, As Rides in the Desert are Always Bumpy.
  • Don’t try Clicking Pictures During your Dune Bashing Session.
  • Have a Light and Early Lunch before your Tour as Dune Drives are Bumpy and can Make you Feel Nauseous.

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