Blessed with natural beauty, cultural value and historical grandeur Liwa is one of the most popular places in UAE that attracts tourists in thousands every year. Located in the western region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Liwa welcomes all sorts of travellers assuring them an unforgettable desert adventure.

Here are the Top Things that You can see During Your Liwa Desert Safari Tour

Breathtaking Dune Landscapes


With rolling sandhills that runs till the horizon in every direction you see, Liwa oasis will give you a piece of the world to yourself that you will get lost in the beauty of. The golden dunes with textures unique to Liwa desert will blow your mind at every corner. Make sure to try a dune drive during your Liwa desert safari tour to add a bit of adventure to your dune sightseeing experience. A dune ride is a popular adventure activity that many Liwa safari tours include in their itinerary that will take you on a wild ride driving across the highs and lows of sand dunes.

Empty Quarter


When you visit Liwa, one of the best things you get to experience is the largest contiguous sand desert in the world. Known as the Rub' al Khali desert or the Empty Quarter a visit to the area will show you the best desert landscapes. The waved sand dunes across the desert reflecting light creating shadows of different shapes is a breathtaking sight that will be forever on your best sight saw a list.

Liwa Forts


With a long history, Liwa has several ancient forts scattered around the area that will take you to the days of the old Emirati world. Enjoy the traditional architecture and the constructional brilliance of ancient forts as you take a walk around the places. Standing with pride hiding many secrets of the past, the forts will take you backing time offering you an unforgettable historical expedition. Your guide will share with you amazing stories related to each place as you explore the forts, giving you sneak peeks into the dazzling past of the forts. Some of the top forts to visit during your visit to Liwa area

  • Fort Jabbanah
  • Fort Attab
  • Fort Mezaira'a
  • Dhafeer Fort
  • Fort Qutuf
  • Fort Mariah Al Gharbiya

A Sunset


Liwa is one of the best places in UAE to capture a magical sunset. If you opt-in for an evening desert safari tour to Liwa desert, this incredible sight that will definitely be one of the best sunset’s you’ve ever seen in your life is yours. Sit on a tall sand dune with your loved ones and watch the slowly sinking sun against the colours of the evening sky. The scenery of the sand floor glistening with golden light will complement the beautiful sunset. With no trees or no buildings to block your view, you will be able to see the entire 180 degrees of the scenery.

Moreeb Dune


Have you ever trek a sand hill? Then this is your chance to trek one of the most popular sand dunes in UAE. Being one of the largest dunes in Liwa desert, Moreeb dune is a must visit attraction during your Liwa desert safari that offers a challenging trail for strong hearted trekkers.

Also, you might want to be prepared to get covered in sand from head to toe. Although the trekking experience can be challenging, once you reach the other end, you will feel like you are at the top of the world.

Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum


If you are an automobile enthusiast, you will find heaven on earth at the Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum. The museum has the largest collections of motor vehicles in UAE from 1889 Mercedes to Modern-day cars showcasing a wide range of vehicles of all times offering you a premium automobile experience.

Cultural Entertainment


Liwa is home to many local tribes thus no Liwa desert adventure is not complete without enjoying cultural experiences. The traditional music and dancing performances unique to this part of the world will add unique cultural experiences to your life while unfolding another facet of the beautiful Liwa. The local dance performances, which include belly dances and Tanoura dances, will take your breath away as the dancers show their mesmerizing dancing moves on the dance floor.

Local Tribes


Rich in tribal culture, Liwa is an area that you can experience the local Bedouin culture at its best. During your Liwa desert safari, pay a visit to a traditional Bedouin village to enjoy the company of the locals. Witness the lifestyle unique to this part of the world while experiencing the culture and rituals and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

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